Aspire Mama Africa (AMA) is a women run Not-For-Profit Organization aiming to empower women and girls with educational, health and economic opportunities in order to promote gender equality, peace, health and a sustainable economic landscape.

The AMA Organization raises money to directly support specially chosen established programs, organizations, schools and doctors across Africa.

All the women running this organization are volunteers and have dedicated much of their time to empower and serve others.

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Lynn McAvenia

Vice-President & Co-founder of AMA

In 1995, Lynn and her husband Marc established and built Europe’s most successful vitalistic chiropractic practice. They were founders of the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, having raised $2,500,000 for that purpose. For over 20 years, Lynn has run the chiropractic conference, ChiroEurope, she established with Marc. ChiroEurope is Europe’s largest chiropractic seminars. Lynn has also coached chiropractors across the U.K., Europe, the U.S., and Australia to achieve their dreams. Lynn is active in humanitarian work. Twice a year, she travels to India to take part in the San Nirankari mission, to help bring chiropractic to thousands who otherwise have no access to care. She is known fondly as the Mother of European chiropractic.

Over the last decade, through her work empowering female chiropractors, Lynn has raised funds for a number of charitable groups focused on education for women and children in the developing world. 

Farah Azirar

President and Co-founder of AMA

Award winning Engineer, worked for companies such as Sony, Ernst & Young, Mitsubishi and Burberry in the UK, and currently is the co-owner of a family Chiropractic practice in Marbella, Spain. During her career, Farah always championed and was involved in initiatives to promote women in leadership roles, and this is thanks to her upbringing.

Farah is part Moroccan – part British, and grew up in Morocco. This heritage and upbringing have fueled her passion for women and girls empowerment and education of this country and the wider continent.

She is a strong believer that education is the backbone to change, and through education and opportunities in the economic landscape, these women and girls will have a substantial positive impact in their communities. Hence, Farah is fully committed to this cause, and dedicates a large part of her spare time to give back through AMA. She often says that her commitment is simply the dream of her younger self, the dream of a girl! 

Emily Alexandra Sarrouf

Secretary of AMA

Coming from a corporate background with an artistic soul, Emily, also known as Salma Majdalani, has dedicated herself to the fusion of both her worlds, artistic and corporate.

As a woman who is part Middle Eastern and French, she is passionate about promoting culture through art, breaking stereotypes and bringing communities together.

Specialized in Arabic dances and music, for the last 17 years, she has been training, teaching, performing and organizing events in over ten different countries worldwide.

Makenna Petersen

Social Media & Communications Lead

She moved to Europe from the United States in 2018 to study International Relations and is currently obtaining a Double Degree in Honors at Marbella International University Centre and University of West London. Her focus has been foreign policy and human rights in the Middle East and North Africa as she plans to become an International Human Rights Attorney.

Makenna’s passion for women’s rights and the power of education is evident and inspiring.